About me

Drazen Milosevic

Born in the former Yugoslavia Drazen Milosevic completed his studies at Sarajevo University and went on to gain a Microsoft Systems Engineer Degree in London and a Masters in Business Studies in Auckland, New Zealand. Already a keen student of Yoga, Drazen turned his attention to teaching the spiritual, physical and mental disciplines used when practicing the ancient Indian form of meditation.

He gained registration as a Yoga Alliance Teacher and Yoga Education Provider specialising in Yoga Ashtanga Vinyasa. He traveled to India, Sri Lanka, Bali, Hawaii, and Europe to improve his practice and gained instruction from world-renowned Ashtanga teachers Peter Sanson and Dena Kingsbury.

In 2015 Drazen established his own yoga practice, “Yoga by D.” He has written a number of books for Yoga beginners and specialty age group books for over 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s. Drazen’s books focus on keeping Yoga easy to learn and enjoyable to practice.
Drazen has also written a number of books looking philosophically at life. Through the eyes of his fictional character Zac Milo he humorously casts opinions over Love, Marriage, Divorce, Alcohol, Cigarettes and other struggles encountered in the journey of life.

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