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Sarah Howard: “I love Drazen’s classes. He is a fantastic teacher and just such a warm and friendly person. The classes are a great mix of physicality and mindfulness. I also have one of his books, which is an excellent, easy-to-follow tool when I’m yoga-ing at home.”

Wendy: Yoga with Drazen is fantastic, it is my absolute favourite yoga class. I always feel the difference during and after every class. The classes are well set out with variations in each pose clearly explained and demonstrated. I see the difference in my body since starting his class and I love it.

Jo Little: I have enjoyed attending Drazen’s yoga classes for several years now. He gives a full body workout and a great stretch. As I am an aging runner, I find his classes work all parts of my body and give a good stretch to the legs and hips which I am certain I benefit from. I very much look forward to his classes on a weekly basis and hate to miss.

Drazen is a very warm and welcoming guy and his classes cater to all levels of yogic ability. His classes are constantly full of friendly people who are all there to treat their bodies to a dose of his enthusiastic instruction.

LOUISE: I have been attending Drazen’s yoga classes at the Olympic gym for just over a year. I really enjoy Drazen’s classes because of his clear instructions, encouragement, and his obvious expertise in yoga. I started attending yoga classes to help manage my MS symptoms. Since I have been attending Drazen’s classes I have noticed an improvement in my balance as well as stress management. Drazen is an excellent instructor!

Jennifer – Canada: Drazen is really amazing yoga instructor. His classes have an amazing flow and feel and I always feel better for doing it! Thank you for helping me to learn and appreciate all they yoga can do!

John –  New Zealand: I have been going to drazens classes for over 2 years now. I enjoy the whole body workout and the calmness that it gives. I really miss the days I cannot attend his classes.

Dot C: I have been attending Drazen’s Sunday morning Yoga for several years now – classes are always challenging, exercising and stretching every part of the body. Drazen provides great work-outs improving core strength, balance and durability. Sessions are well-timed and enjoyable. Drazen offers plenty of encouragement and individual advice to improve posture and flexibility in what is always a friendly, dynamic environment. The class has become an essential part of my weekly routine and a brilliant energiser for all that follows!

Dominique Pritchard: Drazen’s classes are a highlight of my week. There’s no pressure to have a certain level of capability, and my progress in the few months I’ve been attending has been dramatic and noticeable. I’m feeling years younger, I’m sleeping better and I’m generally calmer. We also use his book at home during the week. It’s informative and easy to follow. If you’ve been considering whether to join a class, take the plunge! You won’t regret giving Drazen’s classes a go!

Liz W: Drazen leads an unusual and challenging yoga class. Don’t be fooled by the gentle beginning as he establishes a slow breathing pattern- very soon this becomes a moderately intense workout. The postures may all be familiar, but Drazen strings a long sequence together, focusing always on the breath to crate calm and ease. The sequence is the same each week so after a few classes it is familiar and the aim is to create a state of moving meditation. By the end of the class you feel both exercised and profoundly relaxed.
I highly recommend his classes.

Chris Chung: I have been doing weight training for number of years, never had noticed how much strain it had put on my body to a point that I had developed a shoulder injury about two years ago which caused me to suffer from great deal of pain and with very limited movement on my shoulder. having been to different physios and specialist, there was still no obvious improvement. I started to practice yoga with Drazen by coincidence and noticed the obvious improvement on my shoulder movements. it has been only three months of attending Drazen’s yoga classes, my shoulder no longer causing any pain. I have noticed the benefits on all my body as a whole. Daren has been very good in looking after all his students, attention to details, guiding the new students patiently as well as assisting the more advance students with their continue development in their yoga technics. I am grateful with the new release of life that Drazen has given me. Thank you.

Yan: Drazen is a friendly and skilled yoga teacher. I have benefited mentally and physically from attending his classes in the last four years. I have become calmer, more resilient and confident in dealing with various challenges in my life and also feel fitter and healthier than ever before.

Lance: Drazen ‘s book reminded my body that I could move more freely and reminded my mind to remain open.  

Elizabeth: I have been attending Drazen’s yoga class for several years now – it is a ‘MUST’ in my week. Drazen’s book – “Yoga for Over 40s” – helps strengthen my practice, allowing me to go through the astanas from home. I am up to my second copy of ‘Yoga for Over 40s’ – having given my first copy away to someone who needed it! It is an extremely comprehensive guide with photos of postures to aid clarity and clearly written instructions. Yoga has changed my life – and other than attending Drazen’s classes, “Yoga for Over 40s” is the best resource I have come across for a full body yoga workout – with all the physical and spiritual well-being that comes with it.


Adrienne: In my busy life it is important for me  to stop for a bit and stretch and relax. To help with this I have been taking Drazen’s yoga classes. I am not very flexible but he has taught me that it is not a competition and that everyone is different – but we can still all participate and benefit. Drazen is great at helping me get that little bit extra out of the class – gently adjusting my foot or hip or back and helping me to stretch just a little bit further. And the best benefit of all is at the end of our class I feel relaxed, clear minded and energised.


Catherine: I started attending Drazen’s Ashtanga yoga classes 6 months ago and I cannot believe how much I have improved. I was a complete beginner but with Drazen’s meticulous coaching I am now a confident yogi! As someone with asthma, the focus on the breath has really helped me to control my breathing. I cannot thank Drazen enough for his excellent instruction and I look forward to my weekly class.

Gemma: Drazen reminds us Yoga is our own personal practice and it focuses on Strength, Flexibility and Mental Calmness. I have been attending Drazen’s Yoga classes twice a week for a number of years and I am pleased to say, over time and with Drazen’s expertise, I have improved in all three areas. Because Drazen guides us through the same “flows” each session, I can confidently complete my practice at home – if I can’t make it to the gym or I’m on holiday. It’s not quite the same without Drazen’s instructions, adjustments and slow counting of breathes, but it sets me up for the day ahead – mind and body.

Karen: I have been joining Drazen’s classes now for several years. Whether it is a 60 or 90 minute session, Drazen guides you seamlessly through a set series of postures designed to improve your strength, flexibility, balance and mental calmness. Practising the same postures in each session makes it easier for you to assess whether you are making progress and improvements in your practice. Drazen’s cuing is clear and easy to follow. He demonstrates each asana and comes around the class throughout the session adjusting your position if necessary to correct it, ensuring you get the most benefit. I can really recommend joining Drazen’s sessions, as the all round benefits are cumulative and certainly noticeable if practised regularly.

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